Forms FAQ

Q: Is it possible to validate fields like Phone Number in a FunnelBud form?

A: No, a Native form must be used. Custom Javascript code can perform any validation you require. You will need to ask your developer to do this for you, or you can outsource it to FunnelBud - pricing will be hourly, contact your project manager for more information.

Q: Why is the placeholder text not displayed on FunnelBud forms?

A: You will need to make a change to the form's embed code to display placeholders. Instructions for forms on your Website Instructions for forms on a FunnelBud Landing Page.

Q: Form fields are populated with "undefined" value.

A: Disable "Autofill Data" next to the respective text field in the form settings.

Q: We do not have a Newsletter yet, should we add a Newsletter form to the website?

A: It is still worth having a Subscribe to Newsletter form to gather leads and GDPR opt-ins for when you do start sending Newsletters.

Q: Do I need to edit form's embed code in case I make any changes to the form?

A: Most changes will update the form automatically without changes to the embed code. You will only need to change the embed code if you switch from using labels to placeholders on your forms (labels show the field labels above the input, placeholders show the field name within the input box).

Q: Why do I see pre-filled details on the form?

A: The form settings specify which fields should have auto-fill enabled and which should not. If autofill is disabled and you still see pre-filled details, it is most likely your browser settings or a plugin (such as LastPass) that are auto-filling your data. This can be disabled in your browser settings or the plugin settings.

Q: Is it possible to download a .pdf file straight to a lead's PC?

A: By default, FunnelBud will open a .pdf file in a new tab - from there a lead can download it in one click. It is possible to set it up if you host the file yourself and make the appropriate changes on your server, however the effort is usually not worth it and media views will not be tracked in FunnelBud.

Q: Do I need to create a double opt-in for my leads?

A: We do not recommend this option, as it may result in losing a lot of leads due to the additional step. You should only consider doing this if you receive a lot of spam leads.

Q: Do I need to turn on reCaptcha?

A: You should only enable reCaptcha in the form settings if you start getting too many Spam leads. FunnelBud forms have several built-in protections against spam and bot submissions, and in most cases you will receive very few to no spam form submissions. Only high risk visitors will be shown the reCaptcha prompt.

Q: Why do I have info on multiple leads under the same lead profile?

A: This happens when multiple leads use the same computer, or the email gets forwarded to another person. In this case, make sure all forms contain last name along with the email field. This way FunnelBud will be able to identify and create separate profiles for any new leads. Read more

Q: Is it possible to only accept form submissions with business email addresses?

A: FunnelBud allows you to restrict form submissions with email addresses from free email providers (,, etc) to encourage leads to submit their business email addresses. To enable this setting: Login to FunnelBud, click Marketing > Forms, then choose the form for which the setting needs to be enabled. In the Form Editor, click the "Settings" tab and turn on the toggle for "Require Business Email Address". Video Instructions.

Written By: Sam Koekemoer

Contributors: Anastasia Szymala, Gaurav Jagiasi