Copying an existing form

How to Duplicate a Form.mp4


  1. Copying the Form

    1. Go to Content > Forms

    2. Select an existing form from the left pane, or click on the gear icon and select "Manage Forms" to see all forms

    3. Click the gear icon at the top right (or next to the form if you selected Manage Forms)

  2. Editing the Form

    1. Click Edit Form

    2. Click on the Styles tab, take a note of which Stylesheet and button is used (some stylesheets include button styling, it is not unusual to have the default button selected)

    3. Click the gear icon at the top right and select "Save as a Copy"

    4. Click on the Styles tab, select the stylesheet and button that you noted in step 2.2

    5. On the Fields tab, add or remove fields as needed

    6. On the General tab, rename the form to something appropriate. Follow your naming convention if you have one, it will help you stay organized.

    7. Click Save Changes