Advanced Customization

This page contains advanced instructions for working with code. Some understanding of CSS is helpful when following these instructions.

How to edit Form CSS:

  1. Go to the Styles tab in the form settings

  2. Open the Advanced CSS tab

  3. Scroll down to the selected stylesheet

  4. Click the pencil icon to the right of the stylesheet

  5. Update the code, or add code from this page


How to edit the Thank you message in the iFrame

  • On the form, go to Settings tab

  • Scroll down and make sure that the "Show Thank You Page within iFrame" and "Use Custom Thank You page" are ticked.

  • Click the Edit link to edit the thank you message

  • Update the CSS to change the style of the font and update the text inside <h1>...</h1> and/or <p>...</p> to change the message.

  • Click Save Custom Thank You page.

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Customizing the "True" label in Bit or Boolean fields:

This is often used for including a Custom GDPR field in your forms. Paste the code below at the bottom of your custom stylesheet, and customize the text in the Content attribute. You might also need to adjust the font size and color code to match your other field labels.

Note: This will affect ALL Bit or Boolean fields. Using a more specific selector (unique to each account) is necessary to restrict this customization to only one specific field, and is not covered by this article.

/* Makes the "True" label invisible */

li.boolean .checkbox-label, li.bit .checkbox-label {

font-size: 0;

color: transparent;


/* Add a custom text to the label and set the font size and color. You might need to adjust the font size and color code to match your other field labels */

li.boolean .checkbox-label:after, li.bit .checkbox-label:after {

content: "This text will replace the True label on your Bit or Boolean field";

font-size: 14px;

color: #000;