Why not all emails are delivered?

Sharpspring suppresses sending emails to contacts that have low engagement scores, or invalid email addresses to protect your IP reputation. You can read about IP reputation in this resource.

Another reason may be that recipient's inbox is full, the server used by their email provider is down or they block you from sending emails to their address. Those contacts will be marked as a soft or hard bounce. You can learn more about what hard and soft bounce is in this resource

To check for the reason why a contact didn't receive an email when it should follow those instructions:

  1. Go to Analitycs

  2. Go to Email Jobs

  3. Chose an email you want to investigate

  4. Click Delivery

  5. In the drop-down menu chose Bounces/Suppressions

  6. In the column Last Delivery you will have listed a reason why this contact didn't receive an email

Untitled: Aug 16, 2022 3:42 PM.webm

Our system will automatically suppress sending emails to unengaged contacts in order to protect the sender's IP reputation. There is a way to lift suppression from unengaged contacts. If you want suppression to be lifted on your account, please contact support or your project manager

Please note that email suppression is set to protect the sender's IP

reputation and deliverability rate. When contacts receive emails that they

do not open it for a prolonged period of time it will damage your IP

reputation and email providers will start placing emails send from your IP

address in a recipient's spam box.

How to send emails to unengaged clients when suppression is lifted:

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