Sending to Opens, Clicks & Unopened

When you have sent an email to a list, following up is made easy from the Email Reports.

  1. Go to Analytics > Email Reports
  2. In the filters, select "Email Report" and then select your email
  3. Optionally, add filters for date range (when the email was sent) and list (contacts in a specific list that received the email)
  4. Click Build Report
  5. Wait for the report to be built, then click Save Report
  6. Once the report is saved, select the top right gear icon > Send email >
    1. Send email to Opens (people who opened)
    2. Send email to Clicks (people who clicked)
    3. Send email to Unopened (people who did not open)
    4. Send email to All (everyone who received the original)
  7. Once you have selected which group to send to, simply select a date/time (or as soon as possible) and which follow-up email should be sent.

Note: The recipients will be those that meet your selection (Opened/Clicked/Unopened/All) at the time you saved the report. If you send to unopened and more people open, those that opened the email after saving the report will still get your follow-up email


Written By: Sam Koekemoer