Creating Email A/B Tests

An email test is a comparative test of emails against one another.

An A/B email test works better if emails under test have the same conversion goal but are formatted differently to understand which email performs better and can be used in the future.

To conduct the test, you ought to have your test emails ready. You would need atleast 2 emails.

To create A/B Email tests:-

  1. Go to Analytics, Located on the left side toolbar.

  1. Click Create Email A/B Tests.

  1. Click + Create Email Test.

  1. Enter a title for your test.

  1. Under Schedule a Time, set the time and the date for your test by clicking inside the text box.

  1. Click the Select a List menu and select the list to which you want to send the test emails.

To Note: FunnelBud will evenly distribute the test emails to contacts on that list.

  1. Select at least 2 emails for the test.

  1. Click Create Test.

AB test finalfinal.mp4