Authentication - DKIM & SPF

What are DKIM and SPF?

DKIM and SPF are ways of authenticating your emails with SharpSpring. This tells your email recipient's mail server that SharpSpring is properly authorized to send emails from your email domain, and is critical for allowing your emails to reach the inbox.

How do I set up DKIM and SPF?

When you go through starting up your account with FunnelBud, we will send you instructions on how to set up DKIM and SPF. This only needs to be done once, unless your DNS servers change.


Q: What if we already use SendGrid for emails, won't the CNAME records conflict as SharpSpring also uses SendGrid?

A: Yes there will be a conflict. FunnelBud can request alternative CNAME records from SharpSpring for you, ask your Project Manager for help.