Updating the Choices in dropdown / checkbox group / radio group cu

Access Custom Fields via the + icon at the top right corner of your screen (beside the rocket icon).

  1. Click the custom field you want to edit.

  2. To add a new choice, hover over it until a small popup menu appears on the opposite end. Click the + icon (Add new choice) and fill out the label and value of the new choice.

  3. To delete a choice, hover over it and click the x icon (Remove choice) to delete it.

  4. To edit an existing choice, change the label and/or the value of the choice.

    • Labels are what you see in the form. Changing the label will change the choices visible on the form where the custom field is used.

  • Values are saved in the contact record and used in automations. Changing the value won't update previously saved values in your contacts. You will need to update these contacts with the new value. You also need to check all visual workflows, action groups and rules-based list that are using the custom field to make sure the new value is reflected in the rules.

  1. To reorder the choices, hover over the choice until the drag icon. Click-and-drag the choice to the desired order.

  2. Click Update Field.