Custom Field Types

  1. Text input - A simple text box, is able to store up to 255 characters of text

  2. Text Area - A larger text box with multiple lines, is able to store 2 000 characters of text

  3. Hidden - Used primarily in Forms, to submit a default value with certain forms

  4. Drop-down Select - Dropdown menu, user or contact can select one of many possible values

  5. Country - A Dropdown menu, populated with a full list of countries

  6. States - A Dropdown menu, populated with a list of US States - not applicable to other countries

  7. Boolean - A single checkbox, meant to store True/False values. Stored in the database as 0 - False / 1 - True

  8. Checkbox Group - A multi-select option, contacts can have any number of options selected. Stored in the database as a comma separated list of values that are ticked. NOTE FOR FORMS: Checkbox group fields don't do anything differently when they are set to Required in forms, because they are seen as a type of field where leads can choose their preferences. Nothing selected is seen as a valid preference. Use Bit or Boolean fields instead if you need a Required checkbox.

  9. Radio Group - Similar to a Dropdown Select (only one option can be selected at once), but displayed as a Radio Group.

  10. Phone Number - Same as the Text Input, but validated for phone numbers

  11. Date Picker - Stores a Date, brings up a Date Picker in Forms and the Contact Manager

  12. DateTime Picker - Stores a Date and Time, commonly used for Events, see Webinars and Events. DateTime pickers can be used to schedule time-based workflow actions.

  13. URL - Stores a link, displayed in the Contact Manager with a button that opens the link in a new tab

  14. Bit - Same as the Boolean type field

  15. File Upload - Used to store files, commonly used for CV's of prospective employees or signed agreements with clients. Files are uploaded to FunnelBud, and the field stores the URL of where the file is located.

  16. Attachment URL - Used to store the URL of an external file