Written by: Sheryll Chua

Manual List vs Rules-Based List

Manual lists do not automatically contain any members, instead you can add contacts:

  1. Manually

    1. From within the list

    2. From a Contact's Profile (make the list available in the Contact Manager first, in the list options)

    3. From Advanced Search in the Contact Manager

  2. By using Workflow or Action Group

  3. Imported from a spreadsheet

  4. Imported from another list (using the options at the top right when you have the list open)

Rules-based lists can be configured to automatically add contacts that meet the list rules

IMPORTANT: Rules-based lists will remove any contacts that don't meet the list rules when any of their information relating to those rules is updated. This includes:

  1. Contacts that were added through Workflow or Action Group

  2. Contacts Imported from another list

  3. Contacts Imported using the Import tool

Manually added contacts will remain in the rules-based list until they are manually removed.

Creating Lists

To create a list in FunnelBud, do the following:

    1. In FunnelBud's top toolbar, click Contacts > Lists.

    2. On the top right corner of the page, click settings icon ⚙️ and select New List. Or click the Add New List button on the bottom left corner.

    3. Enter a name for the list.

    4. Optionally, enter a list description.

    5. Select the folder to add the list to.

    6. Optionally, click the Make this list available in the Contact Manager checkbox. If you make the list available in the the contact manager, you will be able to add contacts to the list from the contact manager.

    7. Choose what type of list to create:

      • Rules-Based

      • Manual

    8. Click Create List.

Adding contacts to list manually

Adding contact in the list page

    1. Go to Contacts > List.

    2. Open the list that you want to add contact to.

    3. In the Add New Member text bar, type the name or email of the contact.

    4. In the dropdown menu, click the contact to add to the list.

Adding contact to a list in Contact Manager.

    1. Make sure that the list you want to add contact to is available in the Contact Manager. If not, edit the list, go to settings ⚙️ and click Make Available in Contact Manager.

    2. Go to Contact Manager and find the contact you want to add.

    3. Click the settings icon ⚙️ on the rightmost side opposite the contact, and select Add to List.

    4. Alternatively, if you're are already inside the individual contact record, click the 3-dot icon at the top (besides Save button) and select Add to List.

    5. Choose the list from the options.

    6. Click Add to List.

Deactivating and Reactivating List

    1. To deactivate a list, you must be in the Active List window.

    2. On the rightmost side of the list, click the settings icon ⚙️

    3. Select Deactivate List.

    4. To activate a list, go to the Inactive List window.

    5. Click the settings icon ⚙️

    6. Select Activate List.

Note: Deactivating a list will not delete the leads on the list. When you deactivate a list and it is sent to the Inactive tab, the Delete Permanently menu option becomes available. You can choose to restore the list or delete it permanently.

When you choose to Delete Permanently, the leads on that list will be permanently deleted from FunnelBud. Deleting the list and leads is irreversible so be sure that you really want to delete these leads.

Deleting contacts from a list

Delete from the Members Tab

    1. Simply click the X on the rightmost side opposite the contact.

Delete from the Manually Added Tab

    1. On the rightmost side opposite the contact, click the settings icon ⚙️

    2. Click Delete.

Clear all Contacts from a List

1. On the settings icon ⚙️ at the top of the list page, click Clear All Contacts from List.

Unsubscribing contacts in list

  1. Locate an existing list.

  2. Click list name to open.

  3. Click the top settings icon ⚙️ and select Unsubscribe Contacts in List.

Rebuilding list

  1. Locate the list.

  2. On the right-hand side opposite the list, click the settings icon ⚙️ and select Rebuild list from the dropdown menu.