Preventing Spam Traps

Written By: Sam KoekemoerContributors: ...

preventing Spam Traps when adding or importing new contacts

Background: What is a Spam Trap email address?

The only way to know for sure that an email address is NOT a Spam Trap is by detecting whether emails are opened, clicked or responded to. This applies to contacts that you've gathered online or other places without consent, old contacts that you haven't been in contact with for a long time and so on, but does not apply to contacts that sign up online. There are a few methodologies you can use to ensure that your new contacts are not spam traps:

  1. Implement an Outbound Prospecting Tool like Woodpecker
    1. Import new contacts into Woodpecker
    2. Send a sequence of emails from Woodpecker
    3. Any contacts that reply, open or click emails are sent into FunnelBud
  2. Use Smart Emails to make first contact
    1. Import the contacts as Unsubscribed
    2. Send a Smart Email to each contact, one at a time
    3. Wait about 7-14 days, then check Email Reports to see who opened/clicked the email, manually re-subscribe those leads