Importing Using FunnelBud IDs

To use FunnelBud ID when importing, do the following:

    1. Import your leads into FunnelBud.

    2. Export your leads.

    3. Use the FunnelBud ID during imports for leads who do not have an email address.

This ID will be used to associate any changes to the lead records from the import to the appropriate lead record in FunnelBud.

You can locate the FunnelBud ID in two places:

  • Under the FunnelBud ID column when generating a system Lead Export

  • Embedded in a lead’s URL

Mapping to the FunnelBud ID can overwrite the Email field. FunnelBud ID supersedes Email as the unique lead identifier. If you have leads with Emails, FunnelBud will look first to the FunnelBud ID, and then to Email to find a match. If the FunnelBud ID matches, and the email is different, that lead's email record will be updated to the email included on the import.

Note: If you open your export using Excel, the FunnelBud ID column format may translate into scientific notation. Make sure to change the format to Number with no decimal places prior to any future imports.