Import History

Written by: Sheryll Chua

Understanding Import History

The Import History function provides a way to see a breakdown of contact lists that have previously been imported. The tool also shows whether or not previously imported contact lists were successful or erroneous.

  1. In FunnelBud's top toolbar, click Contacts > Contact Manager.
  2. On the right side of the application, click Settings > Import History.

In Import History, you can toggle between Active History and Deleted Imports.

Active History is the default screen where you will see all imports made. On the top right corner of the screen, there's a Deleted Imports button that will take you to a screen showing all deleted imports. To go back to Active History screen, click the same button (which will then be labeled Active History).

Import History Columns

  1. Date
    • The date the import was made.
  2. Contacts Imported To
    • The list the contacts were imported to. In the same cell is the link to the CSV file uploaded.
  3. Total Rows
    • The total number of rows in the contact file including the headers.
  4. Rows Processed
    • The number of rows in the contact file that were processed by the Import tool.
  5. Error Count
    • The number of errors encountered when the contact file was imported.
  6. Error Log
    • If there are errors during import, you will see a View link which when clicked will download a .CSV file of all errors recorded during the import process.
  7. Delete Button
    • This button irreversibly deletes an imported contact file and leads.


  1. No name was provided.
    • Contact will still be imported
  2. The email address "" was duplicated in rows 14229 - 14230
    • Contact won't be imported
  3. Provided email was invalid: ""
  4. Provided email was invalid: ""
    • Contact won't be imported
  5. Neither an email nor a name was provided.
    • Contact won't be imported
  6. No email was provided.
    • Contact won't be imported

Rejected Imports

Imports can be rejected due to quality concerns. When an import is rejected, the following will occur:

  • The rejected list event will be viewable in the Import History tool.
  • Rejected lists will appear as Import List Name - Rejected under the Contact Imported To column.
  • Hovering over Details under the Error Log column, a tooltip will display the following:

The import for the list has scored in the bottom 2.5% of all lists and was rejected due to quality concerns. Please reach out to our compliance team or view this support article for more information.

  • Rejected list events cannot be deleted from the Import History tool.