Can I send to purchased lists?

What the best practices and policies are around purchased lists..

Originally written by: Yusuf Young

SharpSpring does not permit senders to use purchased, rented, scraped, or stolen lists. Their use violates the SharpSpring Terms of Service.

Purchased lists are considered spam by the email community, and no serious email tool will allow the use of such lists.

Using purchased lists will cause deliverability issues for both you and for other SharpSpring users. Therefore it is not permitted under any circumstances.

If you have purchased lists, unless they've opted in through other methods, we must unsubscribe them if you want to have them in the system, to avoid emailing them by mistake.

This is true even if you purchase your lists from reputable sources. As an example, we have several clients who previous to working with us had emailed lists they got from the reputable Swedish business information provider Bisnode. As a result, their entire domain had been blacklisted, so even regular emails from Outlook were ending up in spam! Needless to say, their businesses were severely damaged by the inability for their sales- and support representatives to communicate with their customers.

Once your domain is blacklisted by the likes of Google and Microsoft, even your regular Outlook emails will end up in spam!

This policy is one of the reasons that SharpSpring has one of the industry's best deliverability rates, something many other marketing systems struggle with.


What can you do instead with your purchased lists? Here are two other options:

  1. Use a manual outbound approach (this is likely to yield far greater results anyway).
  2. Use outbound systems such as PersistIQ, Qualifier, Quickmail or Woodpecker which are designed specifically to accommodate the outbound approach.

You can add them to SharpSpring once they've opted in. With either method, we can help you simplify and in some cases integrate and automate the process.

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