Best Practices

  1. Test the email list for bounces, invalid emails and spam traps before importing. Learn more about spam traps here.

  2. Never import purchased lists. Purchased lists are in violation of FunnelBud's Terms of Service and can lead to account termination.

  3. Always import unsubscribes and hard bounces and then unsubscribe them so in case they are added again in the future, they won't receive any emails anymore.

  4. Always add campaigns so you can determine where the imported contacts were from.

  5. No need to de-dupe in CSV, FunnelBud handles that automatically.

IMPORTANT: When you import a new list, FunnelBud evaluates the overall quality of the list based on a variety of factors, including an evaluation done by a third-party verification service. If 45% or more of the list contains contacts with email addresses deemed invalid, toxic, or purchased, FunnelBud will not allow your import to continue.

How to Check if all contacts were imported successfully

Compare the number of records in your CSV file to the total number of contacts imported successfully.

To do that, please see Import History.