Preparing data to migrate:

  • Make sure all required fields are available prior to migration. Migration will not continue if not all required fields are available.

  • You can map other relevant columns to available fields in FunnelBud even if they are not required.

  • Before uploading files to the Migration Tool, ensure the .CSV files have proper relationship mappings.

  • If an opportunity or other type of record is mapped to a lead or contact that does not exist in FunnelBud, the record will not be migrated.

  • In all CSV files, remove all special characters for smoother migration. Some special characters are permitted, but some are not and causes error during migration.

  • CSV files must be UTF-8 encoded, and not ASCII.

  • Strive for clean .CSVs without extra, unnecessary columns. It is easy to make mistakes with these extra fields cluttering the interface.

  • CRM IDs are typically alphanumeric, but IDs that are exclusively integers will also work.