CRM Migration Tool

Important to know: In the import tool, you are allowed to import everything at once. But often, this fails, and we recommend importing one step at a time, and then repeating the tool for another step, until each step is done. So for example if you are importing both Contacts, Opportunities and Accounts, we recommend importing 3 times, where you do one of the above each time.

  1. Go to the import tool:

  2. For Salesforce migrations, click the Is this a Salesforce migration? checkbox.

  3. Perform the import for one of the steps below (depending on which step you are currently importing) and finish that step (for all the others, simply choose "Skip Section") :

    • Introduction

    • Accounts

    • Contacts

    • Opportunities

    • Campaigns

    • Notes

  4. After finishing that step, go to the Import History and check if it was complete: If it was not completed successfully, fix the file and re-import that step.

  5. If the import for that step was successful, repeat the above process for another step.