CRM Migration

Written by: Sheryll Chua

Before Migrating Data:

It is crucial that the data to import (the .CSV file) is in the proper format for the migration to be completed in a timely manner. Improperly formatted and incomplete .CSV files could lead to failed imports, conflicting data and additional efforts correcting data.

Preparing data to migrate:

  • Make sure all required fields are available prior to migration. Migration will not continue if not all required fields are available.

  • You can map other relevant columns to available fields in FunnelBud even if they are not required.

  • Before uploading files to the Migration Tool, ensure the .CSV files have proper relationship mappings.

  • If an opportunity or other type of record is mapped to a lead or contact that does not exist in FunnelBud, the record will not be migrated.

  • In all CSV files, remove all special characters for smoother migration. Some special characters are permitted, but some are not and causes error during migration.

  • CSV files must be UTF-8 encoded, and not ASCII.

  • Strive for clean .CSVs without extra, unnecessary columns. It is easy to make mistakes with these extra fields cluttering the interface.

  • CRM IDs are typically alphanumeric, but IDs that are exclusively integers will also work.

Required fields for each record:


  • Account Name

  • Account CRM ID


  • Account Name or Account CRM ID

  • Contact CRM ID

  • Email Address

  • First Name

  • Last Name


  • Account Name or Account CRM ID

  • Amount

  • Close Date

  • Closed

  • Opportunity CRM ID

  • Opportunity Name

  • Owner Email Address

  • Primary Contact Email Address / Contact CRM ID

  • Probability

  • Stage

  • Won


  • Campaign CRM ID

  • Campaign Name

Campaigns and Contacts

  • Campaign CRM ID

  • Contact CRM ID

  • Member First Association Date

Campaigns and Opportunities

  • Campaign CRM ID

  • Opportunity CRM ID

Notes and Accounts

  • Account CRM ID

  • Create Date

  • Note Description

  • Owner Email Address

Notes and Opportunities

  • Create Date

  • Note Description

  • Opportunity CRM ID

  • Owner Email Address

Notes and Contacts

  • Contact CRM ID

  • Create Date

  • Note Description

  • Owner Email Address

Using CRM Migration Tool:

  1. Click Contacts > Import in FunnelBud's top toolbar.

  2. Click CRM Migration Tool on the Import Contacts page.

  3. Carefully read the information and instructions listed in the Introduction page.

  4. For Salesforce migrations, click the Is this a Salesforce migration? checkbox.

  5. Click Complete Section only after reading the information and instructions.

  6. Click each of the six sections to complete the multi-step migration process:

    • Introduction

    • Accounts

    • Contacts

    • Opportunities

    • Campaigns

    • Notes

  7. Select a delimiter in the .CSV FILE UPLOAD section.

  8. Click Choose a File.

  9. Select your corresponding .CSV file.

  10. Select the appropriate fields to map to in the field text boxes.

  11. Repeat as necessary for all applicable fields.

  12. Click Complete Section.

  13. Click Reset Section to clear mappings and upload a new .CSV file to a section.

  14. Click Skip Section to skip any optional sections that do not apply to your CRM migration.