Deleting contacts

To delete individual leads, do the following:

    1. In FunnelBud's top toolbar, click Contacts > Contact Manager.

    2. Click the desired lead's name.

    3. Click the settings icon ⚙️ and choose Delete.

    4. In the pop-up menu that appears, type Delete.

    5. Optionally, click the This lead has requested to be removed from the system checkbox. This helps in meeting the GDPR Requirements

    6. Click Delete Lead.

To delete multiple contacts:

    1. Add all leads that you want to delete in a list.

    2. Open list and click the settings icon ⚙️.

    3. Choose Permanently Delete All Contacts.

    4. Choose Permanently Delete All Contacts and List (Unrecoverable).

    5. If needed, choose Keep Exclusions.

    6. In the Number of Contacts to permanently delete text field, enter the number of contacts to permanently delete (this should match the number of contacts in the list)

    7. Choose Can't Undo.

    8. Choose Delete All Contacts.

Creating a lead in FunnelBud.mp4