Contact Card

How to organize Custom Fields tab

    1. Make sure that only relevant custom fields are visible in the contact manager.
    2. Group custom fields into categories.
    3. Reorder custom fields.
    4. Reorder categories.

Life of the Lead icons:

The Life of the Lead shows the activities that the customer does (on your website, landing pages and emails that you sent)

The complete list of icons here and what they mean:

The most common ones:

  • The globe icon is for the pages that the customer visited.
  • The clipboard icon is for the form that the customer filled out and all the info they submitted in the form.
  • The paper airplane is for the email that was sent to the customer, but not necessarily opened.
  • The envelope with cog is for the email that the customer has opened.
  • If the envelope has an arrow, it means the customer has clicked a link in the email.
  • If the envelope has a red "stop" circle, it means the customer has unsubscribed.