Bulk edit contacts

Bulk editing allows for multiple contacts to have their individual information edited together at once.

To use the bulk edit feature, do the following:

    1. In FunnelBud's top toolbar, click Contacts > Contact Manager.

    2. Create an Advanced Search, or use a saved search.

    3. Tick the top checkbox (in the header of the list view) to select all contacts in the search result.

    4. Click blue settings icon ⚙️ in the same header.

    5. Select one of the available options:

Option Type Description

Edit Contacts Change the value of selected lead fields.

Edit Contact Tag Set tags to multiple leads at once.

Assign Campaign Assign an existing campaign to multiple leads at once.

Assign Personas Assign an existing persona to multiple leads at once.

Account Add leads to new or pre-existing accounts.

Add to List Add multiple leads to a new or existing list.

Send an Email Schedule an email to send to multiple leads at once.