How to create a Chatbot

Written by: Marian SemchyshynContributors: Sam Koekemoer

About Chatbots

ChatBots are an automated communication tool that lets your visitors find out more about your company, services prices or to answer other common questions. They can even collect specific visitor data and hand over the chat automatically to a team member!

ChatBots provide the perfect opportunity for you to provide the specific customer journey to your visitors, giving them the information they need, when they need it. As they are integrated with your Marketing Automation tool, you can also use existing information about your leads or customers to further customize their path through the ChatBot flow.

How could you use ChatBots for Marketing and Sales?

  • Direct your visitor to informational resources

    • Send them to White-papers, guides, pricing pages or other links

  • Direct your visitor to the right person

    • Using as “starter” for Live conversation with live person via Slack integration

    • Connect existing opportunities to their salesperson

    • Use it for customer support or to answer common questions

  • Create a fun quiz and follow up based on choices

  • Do a survey only for customers and generate feedback

Test our FunnelBud Helper chatbot demo to see how it works!

Please check out common questions for inspiration to create your own ChatBot!

HOW to create chatbot

How to create simple Support Chatbot:

Chatbots: How to create Support chatbot.webm

How to control which pages the chatbot appears

In chatbot settings, it allows you to specify which pages you want to include and exclude from chatbots. It also possible to use a wildcard(*) in this functionality to include or exclude pages from a specific directory. See example below:

Connecting your Chatbot to live chat via slack

1. Create your Slack account and Channel

Chatbots: How to create Slack account and channel.webm

2. Connect Slack to FunnelBud and set up user availability:

Chatbots: How to connect Slack to FunnelBud and setup user availability.webm

4. Add Live chat to a Chatbot visual workflow:

Chatbots: How to add Live chat to Chatbot visual workflow.webm

5. How Live Chat works on the website and in Slack:

Chatbots: How Live Chat working on the website and in Slack.webm

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